Sites I will not host

Pretty obvious why this isn’t allowed.

Any illegal file sharing sites
This includes, but is not limited to: file mirrors, mp3 and videos. Original video clips and sound files that are owned by you are allowed though.

Using the space for backup purposes
I’m offering hosting, not file storage services. You can use Dropbox for that.

E-commerce sites
If you’re making money from the site, shouldn’t you be able to afford to pay for your own hosting?

Hate sites
Self explanatory

Sites I would LOVE to host

DC comic related sites
I’m a HUGE DC nut. <3 Bonus points if it’s related to Robin, Young Justice, Nightwing or The Flash Family.

Video gaming sites
Video game news, blogs, etc. Need a site or a forum for your clan/guild? No problem! :)

TCGs and TCG trade posts
I grew up being addicted to these and even ran one for a short period of time. And though I don’t have the time to maintain one now, I’d love to provide hosting for TCG owners and players if they need any.

Otome/BL related sites
Because I’m a die-hard fan of these two genres. :D

All other sites
I’m not particularly picky when it comes to hosting. I will host any site as long as your site doesn’t fall under the lists of sites I will not host.


Keep your site active
By active, I mean taking the time to update at least once every 3 months or so. If you have to be gone for a longer period of time, put up a notice and let me know when you will be back.

Move in within a week or two
I’m pretty sure you’ll want to be able to have your site up and running ASAP, no? But if you need more time, just inform beforehand.

Keep all scripts and/or CMS updated to their latest versions
If you have any installed, please try to check back now and then to make sure that your scripts are updated for security reasons.

Have at least some basic knowledge on FTP, SQL and cPanel
As I will be giving you free access to them, I would prefer all potential hostees to know what they do and how to use them.

Do not put ads on your site
I’m giving you free ad-free hosting for a reason. It’s only fair to put my ads on your site if you insist on having them.

No hosting of chat applications
This includes shoutboxes. They put extra load on the server and databases and invite all kinds of spam. But feel free to use an outside party like ShoutMix if you need to add one to your website.

Aesthetically pleasing web design
You don’t have to be an expert at web or graphics design, but your site should at least be pleasing to the eye and not something randomly thrown together in MS Paint. Pre-made layouts are perfectly fine too.

Have a preview of your site available
I would like to be able to look at what your site is like before I agree to host you. So you will either need to have it hosted elsewhere, have a preview image of your layout available, or pictures of your cards if you’re a TCG owner.

English, Japanese and Mandarin sites preferred
I like to visit my hostees’ sites occasionally so it’ll be nice if I actually understand what you’re writing in your blog or website. :]

Have a link back to
It can be a text link or a button. I don’t need you to put it on every page, but please place the link somewhere visible.

The following scripts are not allowed due to security concerns
Waks Ask & Answer
Simple Directory

*If you have fail to follow any of the rules above, I will send you a reminder via email. If you still refuse to comply after repeated warnings, your site may end up being deleted from the server.

What you’ll get

Hosting on a fast, high quality server.
The server is located in Dallas, TX.

99.95% uptime
Guaranteed. The only downtimes are usually due to server maintenance. All hostees will be informed of any planned downtimes several days in advance via email. A notice will also be posted to this site.

A subdomain on one of the following domains: (Optional if you have a domain of your own)


Unlimited number of email addresses (Optional)
Choose from one of the following:

  • @your-domain

Unlimited space and bandwidth
Within reason


1 FTP account with 24/7 access
I am able to create more for you if you need them.

No annoying ads or pop ups

A control panel to manage your site with

Free installation of many popular CMS and blog scripts
Such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
Unfortunately, eTCG and TCGManager will have to be installed manually by you.

Very fast response time
The internet is my life. Literally. I spend 99% of my waking hours doing something online. If you have any questions or require any kind of help with your website, or even if you just need somebody to talk to, you can send me an email and I will usually reply in less than 24 hours.

Still Interested?

Click here to send in a request and I will get back to you shortly!