Domains is a new domain I bought after I switched servers. My current host is offering a free domain with every plan purchased and I’ve always had a thing for buying multiple domain names so I figured, why the hell not?

I’ve always been obsessed with DC superheroes, particularly the sidekicks, and the Robins (yes, all five of them) have always been my favorite. And since I practically grew up with the very first Robin, Dick Grayson, it only made sense that I liked him more than the others. My fondness for him only grew as I picked up the new Young Justice series. He is still the old Dick Grayson, yes, but they also added some additional traits to him which I found endearing. His signature laughter, that smug smirk, the little troll he is, and most importantly, that thing he has against prefixes.

I really like languages, especially English simply because words can be so much fun. So as soon as he commented about people being overwhelmed or underwhelmed and never just whelmed in the first episode of the Young Justice cartoon, I knew I was going to love him to death. It is later, in the fifth episode where Robin commented “If dislike is the opposite of like, is disaster the opposite of aster?” that I got the name Asterous.

Ah, chocolate mint. Possibly my favoritest (it’s not a word, I know. :p) flavor ever. While I did get this domain on a whim, it’s kind of baffling how I never thought to purchase it in the first place.

The funny thing is, while I’ve always loved its colors, I used to have this impression that chocolate mint is a really unappealing flavor because my family absolutely hates it. I’d only tried it for the first time when one of my friends coerced me into it in my teenage years. Needless to say, it was love on first lick. <3

Now, I’m always on the lookout for chocolate mint colored items, and chocolate mint flavored or scented products. I even have a steady supply of chocolate mint perfume that I wear regularly! :D

Purchased together with, is another DC comic (Young Justice to be specific) inspired domain name. When Bart “Impulse” Allen appeared in the second season of Young Justice, one of the first things he said is something about ‘crashing the mode’. In fact, he mentions it so many times, even using the words ‘crash’ and ‘mode’ as adjectives. As for what it means, well… no one knows since the series went on yet another hiatus right after this episode. =(

……… Have I mentioned I’ve been a huge fan of Impulse ever since I picked up a copy of the original Young Justice comic many years ago? has been around since the beginning of 2009. It was a friend of mine who helped to come up with the name for this domain.

One of my online aliases is ‘PineappleSamba’, and back then, I was a fan of the anime series Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! with Mukuro being my favorite character. In one of his image songs, he sang about doing the samba and since he’s well known for his pineapple styled hair and his love for the fruit, the name just caught on. Only instead of ‘pineapple’ it’s ‘nappo’. (Written as ナッポ in Japanese) It also didn’t help that I’ve roleplayed as him for almost a year. My friends all agree that I can be a little crazy at times. Nutty, even. Put those two together, and you’ll get NuttyNappo!

While I have had sites on the internet from 2003 onwards, I took a break between 2008 to 2009 as I wasn’t able to spend as much time on the upkeep of the sites due to schoolwork and other commitments. is hosted on a VPS and was meant to be a storage site, a place where I kept files I may need while on the go. The site was rendered useless after I discovered Dropbox though, so I turned it into a personal blog of sorts where I ranted and fangirl-ed over everything under the sun. was purchased on a whim. I’ve always preferred .NET over .COM domains, but the first two domains I got looked better as .COMs. It didn’t take long for me to go ‘Hmm. I should have a .NET so I can officially say that my websites are part of a network!’ Of course, I didn’t have any idea what I should call it until about a month later during the long break I was taking between jobs.

I was re-watching a bunch of Disney movies one day, yes I love them to bits, and it just came to me that I could simply use something from a song lyric. Working from there, I took my favorite Disney title, Anastasia. I watched this movie as a kid and fell in love instantly with the story, the characters and the songs. The fact that it still remained my favorite 15 years later should tell you something. So anyway,  I then pulled out the lyrics of my favorite song from the film, Once Upon a December.

My first choice of name was Silver Storm, from the line ‘horses prance through a silver storm’. But alas, both and have been bought by others. So instead, I took the current name, Painted Wings from ‘Dancing bears, Painted wings’.

– Registered on February 2nd, 2009